Should You Get A CCNA Certification?

The term Comptia Certification Expiration Date is one of those buzzwords used in IT circles. It is a date that indicates the time period from when a particular person, IT professional or student must attempt to pass one of the three major exams conducted by the Computing Technology Industry Council (CTC). This certification, considered the gold standard of IT training and knowledge, covers the basic fundamentals for network security and responsibility for managing a firm’s risk profile making it an integral stepping stone for an it professional’s career. A person who fails to achieve his certification within the specified timeframe will have to seek coaching or retraining in order to keep him or her up-to-date on developments in the field. A person who fails to pass this examination within the specified time frame will have to seek coaching or retraining in order to keep him or her up-to-date on developments in the field.

There are a lot of options available once a Comptia certification expires. The most popular alternative is to go back to study through Comptia again. Although this may seem like the best alternative to get yourself a fresh start with your career, it has its own set of challenges. It is highly recommended that you first explore the various alternatives which open up to you once you pass the exam. To get started in your career path you must consider the cloud basics for it as an avenue for IT training and education.

Cloud basics for IT professionals: If you are interested in expanding your IT career and considering a cloud based IT services offering, there are several things you need to know and consider. When you pass the CCNA or CTP exam you will be required to undergo a Cloud Basics for IT Professionals course. In this course, you will learn the fundamental information and tools of cloud-based services such as servers, networks, storage, and software as well as the fundamentals of network security. As with the other two exams, Comptia has specified a specific timeframe for completion. The exam must be re-taken after thirty days.

This study material is important if you plan to take advantage of the many benefits offered by Comptia Certification. The main objective of this course is to show you how the basic risk management concepts are applied to network security. You will gain insight into the importance of implementing configuration management (CPM) as well as risk management.

Cisco’s CCNA certification is valid for three years. Once you have passed this exam, you can choose to move forward in your IT career path by becoming certified and earning your CCNA certification as a computer network engineer. This career path requires a continuous commitment towards continued learning through online courses and hands-on lab classes.

A quick summary of the benefits that come along with Comptia certification: You gain an in depth understanding of networking hardware and software through CCNA. Your skill set improves when you understand routing protocols, traffic flows, security considerations, and troubleshooting techniques. Your career path can become more lucrative when you work for a network consultancy firm or when you open your own network consultancy firm. You can also choose to stay in your current role as an IT professional or you can pursue your education and certification further. It is entirely up to you how you choose to pursue your education.

There are some job markets where you won’t be able to find a good candidate with a CCNA certification. For example, there aren’t that many qualified IT technicians that are available in the market to fill the entry-level support position. That said, Cisco is a company that offers entry level support positions and they do hire experienced computer network technicians with a CCNA certification. Some good candidates for the support technician position may have had experience in the military, but might not have had a chance to gain certification since they chose other career paths. Regardless of the situation, Cisco is still a good choice for the support technician positions that you might find because they require the same Cisco training and the same operational security skills that a CCNA requires.

There is no clear answer as to whether or not obtaining a CCNA certification is a good decision for a person’s first career choice. The only sure fire way to determine if it is right for you is to analyze the options that are available to you and decide what you would prefer to accomplish once you complete your studies and pass your certification test. If you are working in a specialized field then it makes sense to gain a few years of experience and then get a CCNA certification. If you are not able to do this, it might be a good idea to focus on a specific operating system and network architecture before getting a CCNA certification. With the wide variety of available career paths, it doesn’t really matter what path you choose as long as you are able to obtain your CCNA certification and successfully fulfill your career goal.

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