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There are many reasons as to why I believe certification roadmap should be reviewed and implemented according to the needs of today’s IT world. If you think that there are things that should not be reviewed and done in this regard, then, you are highly mistaken. The world has gone through a series of paradigm shifts, and the IT industry has also been involved in these changes. Hence, it is high time to review the whole scenario and have the complete outlook of things planned and structured in the right manner.

Let us start with the song lyrics which can shed some light on the matter. ‘We Are the Champions’ by Dire Straits is one such track. In this song, Michael Jones describes the state of the IT sector and its current situation. He talks about how many companies have no trouble in providing new software and technologies to their customers, but then cannot provide any support or guidance to their employees on the use of those technologies. He further adds that all this was not possible because people are not trained to use such software and technology. This is quite similar to the challenges that companies of all sizes face in this day and age.

It is high time for an organization to review their entire posture vis-a-vis the IT industry. At the same time, if the IT sector wants to grow and get it right, then, every IT department must possess a well-structured certification methodology. A lot of companies are still not aware of the need for a well-developed IT infrastructure, even after acquiring the latest hardware and software advancements, thanks to the myth of the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy.

On a related note, let us once again revisit the term ‘unlimited messagement’. The song lyrics suggest that there are too many things which are not working out fine in the world today. They keep getting stuck in an infinite number of difficulties. But then, all these things are already known by anyone. It does not make them less important or less annoying, because as previously mentioned in the above song lyrics, they are already familiar.

In the same way, one should also take note that there are some companies who are operating with an unsteady structure. These companies, thanks to the recession, have been forced to curtail or cut down on the number of employees working in their organizations. But then, what has happened to the employees? Has the company allowed them to go home, take a rest, and get it off their chest that they have been subjected to undue pressure? Or rather, has the company allowed them to go back to their old ways of thinking, or have they accepted the need to erase’em all and start anew with fresh eyes?

In some cases, it has happened that the employees have been given an ultimatum to either start working until they die or leave the company. Yes, that is a frightening thought indeed. So then, how should one react to such a situation? Should one fear for his life, or should he try and erase’em all? If you were presented with an impossible situation, would you still put your trust in the company and its management until you find out that everything that you are being told is absolutely a fallacy, and that the only thing standing between you and unlimited financial success is fear reincarnation?

There are so many questions that come to one’s mind while wondering how one should react when faced with a situation like this. The first and foremost thing that most people would do is to just accept it and trust the legendary management team of the software giant that has spent so much time and money training their staff in the current information technology knowledge and application technologies that they possess. That is a logical step, and it can definitely be done. However, the fear that creeps into one’s mind when faced with such an impossible situation, which is a fear of the unknown, is too hard to deal with to make it a rational decision.

Hence, a person should not just get the Comptia Certification in order to prove to the management team of their companies that they have this great software knowledge and application expertise to deal with the task that lies ahead. It is more than just enough for them to be able to survive in this business and earn decent salaries as well, but they should also know and understand that they cannot just get it on till they die or until someone replaces them. This is what separates the legendary live eternally certified individuals from those who wish to cash in on the name and reputation that come with such an achievement.

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