The Four Comptia Certifications Within Partner Education

The most important issue in deciding to take Comptia certification exams is whether or not you have the time to sit for them on your own, or if you have the time and energy to hire someone to take them for you. There are those who choose to do it on their own, but that option usually comes with a higher price tag attached. On the other hand, Comptia certification exams are not mandatory for most positions, and some employers actually prefer candidates who have passed these tests in order to evaluate them on their job skills and knowledge rather than make an effort to teach them. There are a variety of ways to get certified, and they are discussed below.

The certification path you decide to take depends largely on how much IT experience you already have. For those whose experience is limited to only part-time jobs, Comptia certifications may not be necessary at all. This group includes most “non-techies” -people like receptionists, information technology assistants, customer service representatives, and similar field personnel. In most cases, they can just take general classes in IT basics and Comptia A+ exams to gain enough experience in IT practices to pass the exams. Most companies don’t need to have employees go through this certification path any more.

Those who possess enough IT skills but who also want to pursue a career in Information Technology generally choose to take the Comptia Certification Pathway. This certification path involves eight specific exams that test an employee’s ability to analyze and evaluate IT issues, as well as to communicate the findings of those analyses to management. The final step of the path, a special certification known as CompTIA Project+ allows IT professionals to demonstrate the detailed knowledge they have accumulated throughout their careers. To attain certification, individuals must pass four separate exams.

The Comptia A+ certification path are longer than the average Comptia testing period by several minutes. However, many IT professionals believe that it is still a worthwhile program because it gives the individual plenty of practice for passing the real-life testing. The amount of time spent on each test varies, as does the number of correct answers. Only those who have taken several months to a year (and more than a few Comptia exams) will be able to claim that they have “expertise” in this particular area. For the most part, these individuals will be the same people who sit for the actual exams.

IT professionals can also choose to take CompTIA Network+, Cisco Certified Network+, or other specialized certifications. These exams are designed to train the person to work in an IT environment, while providing them with enough knowledge of hardware and software to pass typical networking tests. It can also be beneficial to some IT professionals to take Cisco networking exams, which will help them to better understand the inner workings of various types of networks, such as VoIP, metropolitan, router, and so forth. Not all of these skills will be needed by all companies, and it never hurts to learn something new if one is hoping to land a high-paying position in the near future.

A final option for IT professionals looking to advance their knowledge is through Comptia’s Partner Education Program. Partner Education Program courses allow an individual to connect with the most up-to-date specialists in the field, while learning at the same time. A great many Partner Education courses are offered online, and some are even offered offline as well. This is important because not all IT professionals can take the time off of work that is necessary to take such a course outside of their office, without compromising their current job. A certificate of completion will provide a student with the knowledge to successfully pass the Partner Education exam, after which he or she may be able to apply for higher levels of certification. The certification path is quite long, and for some students, taking the extra time to gain the knowledge is worth the additional effort to gain it.

There are many other options for IT workers seeking additional certifications and degrees. However, many professionals simply prefer Comptia’s Partner Education path. Upon completion, IT professionals will have a certification in hand that can lead them to better-paid positions, as well as more opportunities in the field. For those who already know enough about computers, the Partner Education Path is the best way to advance their knowledge and to increase their earning power in the industry.

With so many people seeking higher education and jobs in this technological world, it has never been more important for an IT professional to know that his or her certification is respected by employers and fellow workers. There are many other ways to learn more about computer technology, but knowing that a certification can lead to more money and job security is certainly very important. By knowing which certification path to pursue, an IT professional can ensure that they are moving in the right direction, and that they are not leaving any doors wide open for themselves. Finding out which path an IT professional should take is the first step towards success within the IT field.

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