CompTIA Certification for Microsoft Certified Systems (CIS) And The Microsoft Certified Server

The first part of the annual schedule of exams, the Comptia A+ examination, is currently in progress. The second phase of testing is due in April of this year. This means that nearly six months have passed since the beginning of the examination and that the field-tested skills have become more refined. While many IT professionals will be better equipped to handle the second phase of testing than they were in the first round, many others may find that they still lack the knowledge or skills necessary to pass this examination. If you’re one of the many individuals preparing for this examination, the good news is that there are ways to get the most out of your experience.

– Designing Server 2021 (70-412) continues to be strongly marketed as the examination that will bring the greatest value to the IT professional looking to advance to the next level of their career. Server administrators need to understand all of the aspects of operating this piece of equipment and be able to demonstrate their knowledge with real world experience. To ensure this is possible, IT professionals should consider hiring a consultant to help them study for the Comptia a+ 2021 exam.

– Test Me-Comptia Exam A+ 2021 – Although the prior portion of the exam was focused on Windows servers, the second half of the exam deals more with SQL server administration. Many individuals will feel confident enough to tackle installing and configuring a Windows server on their own, but finding the time to learn about all of the SQL server options could prove to be a problem. For this reason, hiring a consultant can make sense. There are consultants that will work with clients who need the test prep services and there are those that do all the prep work for the individual client.

– Implementing Server 2021 (70-414) – This portion of the test is primarily about how an IT professional plans to handle applications and how they can integrate with each other. The topics include network basics, installing windows servers and how they work with one another, database basics, implementing SQL server processes, implementing web services and finally the actual testing of these various aspects. It may be tempting to skip the flash parts of the exam because they are generally easy to understand and would not be considered particularly challenging. However, flash presentations often times demonstrate the importance of the basics and how IT professionals should approach each of the sections.

– Active Directory Installation and Configuring – In this section, IT professionals will have to demonstrate their knowledge of Active Directory. Much like the installation of Windows servers, Active Directory is an important component of a company’s overall IT infrastructure and without it, the entire system will fail. This portion will also cover how administrators access information and manage users. Clients may choose to take the test multiple times in order to obtain a higher score.

– File and Document Management – This part covers the process of restoring documents that have been lost due to server failure. Passing this part is dependent on the ability to understand the types of files and how they are structured. For those who easily get overwhelmed with the test’s format, taking one pass is sufficient in order to clear this section. Those who struggle in the area of understanding the different file formats might want to consider taking a second try at this portion of the exam.

– Certifications for Microsoft Office – This portion of the exam requires candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Passing this portion is dependent upon the student’s ability to demonstrate their technical abilities and their familiarity with specific Office tools such as the Word application. The cissp certification test will also require students to demonstrate their ability to troubleshoot and troubleserve various common office errors. During the course of passing this certification test, students will be presented with real-life scenarios that present different scenarios and learn how to identify and solve problems that may arise. Passing this portion of the exam assures companies that they are qualified to administer the Comptia A+ certification tests.

– Designing and Implementing Server 2021 R2 – The last section of the exam focuses on designing and implementing server 2021 R2 solutions. Those who successfully pass this section to gain the privilege of earning the most comprehensive IT certifications available today. It will take about two to four weeks of study time to complete this section. Students who successfully pass the exam will be offered the chance to take advantage of discounts on Microsoft licensed products, free technical support and other unique benefits provided by Microsoft.

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