An Overview of the CompTIA Certification Path

With the CompTIA’s latest release, the Certified Information Systems Associate (CIS) certification came into effect. This certification proves the knowledge and skills required to work in an information technology environment. With the popularity of Cisco’s networking hardware, it was not surprising that CIS came into existence. The certified information systems specialist (CIS) is a professional who has obtained an associate’s degree in computer information systems or any other computer related field and has at least five years of work experience in the IT field. There are two types of exams for this certification: CompTIA A+, which are for general information system specialists; and CompTIA C+, which are for professionals working in specific areas of the network.

Troubleshooting Cisco equipment and networks is one of the important roles of a computer support specialist. A network support specialist works in close collaboration with technicians of Cisco to resolve technical difficulties with Cisco equipment. To be a troubleshooting specialist, a person should have at least a bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years experience of troubleshooting for Cisco equipment. For more detailed training on the comptia certification path, contact Cisco.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam The CCNA certification candidate ID is a 6-digit number issued by Cisco to signify that the individual has completed a specific set of study materials and passed an exam test on the material provided by the Cisco Certification Board. The six-digit number is included on the label of most routers and switches, as well as wireless devices. In addition to this six-digit number, Cisco also includes the letters CCS from the label, making it easier for network technicians to match the devices to the correct router or switch. The exam can be taken anytime in most countries.

Cisco Certified Systems Engineers (CCSE) – The CCSE certification path takes a few more years to complete but the results are far more reliable than those from other study paths. The CCSE is not a shorter certification path; rather, it takes at least two years to complete, although most people begin their studies by taking the CCNA. A person must possess exceptional hardware, network expertise, and determination to become a certified CSE.

CompTIA Project+ – This is a great way to gain IT support experience. One learns about all the different types of servers, workstations, and operating systems through hands on experience. A person will learn how to troubleshoot hardware, network setup, and server management. This credential is also great for gaining entry-level positions in large companies, and even some government agencies. A lot of small companies use the Project+ system to identify IT needs and develop an IT portfolio.

CompTIA A+, which is offered as a separate certification path, focuses on the fundamentals of networking. People who take these certifications must have basic knowledge in troubleshooting basic components, basic computer systems fundamentals, including memory, processor, hard disk drive size, RAM, graphics card size, etc., and they must be able to troubleshoot network problems with the use of network-related utilities. A person seeking to get into the IT field should consider this option first before choosing other certifications.

CompTIA A+, or Server+ in short, is a certification that is designed for experts level IT professionals. The main focus of the course is to provide IT professionals with the knowledge necessary to implement enterprise-class IT solutions. Professionals in the IT field need this certification if they want to specialize in particular areas of the technology infrastructure. In order to be a certified Server+ professional, a person has to pass an exam given by CompTIA. A good career path for someone with this knowledge includes working for IT companies in order to acquire this certification, taking up IT positions in colleges or universities, or even setting up his own IT consultancy.

With so many options for IT professionals, it isn’t surprising that there are so many certifications in the market. Many IT professionals, however, believe that networking and security are the most important IT skills, which require the most amount of study and testing. The most recommended IT career paths for these professionals include those that focus on building their skills in these two IT areas. A few other IT certifications offered by CompTIA are Certified Network Manager, CompTIA Project+ Expert Level 2, CompTIA Server+, and Cybersecurity Manager.

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