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What are Comptia Exam Expiration dates? In case you have taken any Comptia certification examination, you must know that these dates are very important for your success. Without studying and practicing things thoroughly before taking the exams, you will have a very hard time passing them. Of course, as a practical hacker, one of your major goals should be to pass all of the exams that we have given out, so why not make it easier by knowing exactly when the last one is going to be administered? It will give you some well-deserved motivation!

So when do we find these dates, anyway? Well, there are several different ways to look at this, but the official Comptia sources tell us that they begin at the very start of the year, with all of the exams for the IT Industry coming in summer. This then continues all through the course of the entire year. If you’re an aspiring computer engineer, you will have to study on top of studying your regular coursework, because these exams are weighted more heavily toward practical skills.

One way to ensure that you study as much as possible prior to taking the Comptia tests is to sign up for the Comptia Ladder Practice Test. This will help you put all of the concepts you have learned into real-life situations. Also, study partners can be helpful as you work on your studies. You may also want to keep an old CD-ROM of your favorite lessons handy, so that when you sit down to go over them for the actual exam you have something else to look at.

I’ve heard of people putting the exams together in three months time. However, I’ve never actually seen this done personally, and I would caution against it, especially if you’re planning on doing this a few years from now. A lot can change over the years, and you’ll probably find that things have changed a lot since you took your Comptia exams.

The Comptia itself does provide testing schedule information, but the expiration dates aren’t advertised. It lists the next exam date for each major area of certification. So, basically, the first two years you’re certified, the next two years you’ll need re-certification. This varies by type of certification. For example, those who have MCSE-level exams may have a shorter time than others, because they need to get re-certified every two years.

If you want to study and get the most benefit out of your efforts before Comptia exams, you should plan to take them at least six months before they expire. Six months is the ideal time, because that’s when your brain has had the best chance to consolidate the material. Plus, if you do take the exam, you’ll be more prepared. This will mean better results when you submit your final paper.

Most of the time, exam expiration dates are hard to predict. This is especially true for the high-end exams such as the larger enterprise level exams. Vendors are very aware that people want quick results, and they work hard to make those deadlines. That’s why vendors push the date far ahead of the others. You might not like the idea of giving up a month or more of quality time to study, but you certainly don’t have much choice in the matter.

The exams are designed so that people will pass them with flying colors. They are highly competitive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to take an additional Comptia exam in a different year. Just keep in mind that with the added time, you’ll probably get better grades on your core exams. That can help put you on the right track to passing. And by studying hard before Comptia exams, you’ll make sure you’re prepared for the real life situations that crop up.

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