Cisco Certification Roadmap – An Overview

The Comptia Certification Roadmap is used by IT professionals to plan their course of study and to set up study groups. It contains detailed information about the most popular exams, what certifications are offered, and how to prepare for them. This tool can also be used to track the completion rates of IT professionals who took each exam and to identify skill gaps that need to be filled. The latest version of the roadmap contains new topics and study activities. This article discusses some of the new topics in this version:

– Professional competencies. The current roadmap specifies six different professional competencies for a Certified Professional Practitioner (CPC). These include application knowledge, IT transfer, understanding of business principles, data analysis, and technology transfer. With the introduction of these competencies, it has become easier to identify IT specialists who are suitable for certification exam. The new certification practice exams now require these six IT skills instead of the old four that were present before the revision.

– Implementing study and training requirements. A new topic in the checklist is “Implementing Study and Training Requirements.” There are three major objectives involved when studying for a certification. These are the identification of learning objectives, setting the study schedule, and coordinating with training courses. The review explains the process of accomplishing each objective and offers tips on finding the right study materials and instructors.

– Moving into the certification path. A new topic in the checklist is “estones.” The implementation of theseestones ensures that IT professionals complete all the necessary steps needed to become certified. The review shows how to set up individual project calendars so that IT workers can schedule their studies and training according to their needs.

– Licensing. A new area of concentration is “licensing compliance.” The review explains what is meant by “licensing compliance” and provides examples of typical questions IT professionals may be asked. Next on the list is a description of the CPL exam and the new certification path. Specific areas of the CPL test, such as Vulnerability Assessment and Designation, Resource Planning, and Security Compliance Management, will be addressed.

– Examining Certification Resources. A final section highlights the most recent versions of the CPL exams, which are now offered by some of the world’s largest Cisco companies. The review includes links to the official websites for the three tests. IT professionals will need to review the tests and complete the practice tests within 60 days. Some of the resources include sample questions, explanations of the scoring system, and sample answers. Many of the sample questions to use real-life examples from real-life Cisco environments.

The complete certification blueprint also includes important topics not covered in the review. That includes choosing an IT certification path, exam study planning and preparation, exam scheduling and testing, and resources to help a person pass the CPL test with a minimum of credit. The complete blueprint also covers the topics of the accelerated CPL examination process, and the role of an IT professional network consultant. There are six practice tests from which to decide which exam will best prepare a person for his or her career. They include the basic exam, CCNA exam, and two more comprehensive exams.

This new road map for IT professionals gives them a concise overview of the entire certification process. The certification roadmap covers every topic in the CCNA exam and CCNA Toolskit. This detailed guide provides no-nonsense information about what should be tested and how. IT professionals will have easy access to the complete CCNA toolkit including the CCNA Toolskit Certification Guide. This valuable guide was written by a top architect and former Cisco Certified Systems Engineer, who have worked with Cisco’s Networking community for many years.

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