Why the Windows Certification Exam is So Difficult

So, now you are wanting to take Comptia Windows Certification. Good for you! You are making a wise decision, as this will most likely open the doors to a better career and increase your marketability. However, along with this comes a multitude of choices. Which one should you go with?

The short answer is that you shouldn’t pay anyone to take your Comptia Windows Certification Exam. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great products and services out there that are priced very competitively that allow you to get your money’s worth when investing in them. However, if the price is close to the value you receive by taking the Comptia exam, is it really worth it? I would argue that not taking the exam is more detrimental to your success than paying the money for a course that you may not even use.

As a long time professional in the IT world, I have seen many students rush to take the Comptia windows certification exams with little to no experience. Some were studying from home with no real life responsibilities, to hold them back. The other was taking a more traditional classroom course, only to find that their schedules didn’t work and they were falling behind way too fast to catch up. Yes, there are benefits to using these self-study programs, but you must ask yourself if you can benefit much from them. These programs usually include an instructor who can help you understand the material, but they don’t typically have any real life experience in implementing the strategies and processes that are taught.

The bottom line is that you can save a lot of money if you invest in yourself by taking the proper study approach. The real secret to earning your Certified Windows Specialist designation is to not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. Don’t listen to any voice instructions you get from a book or computer textbook. You must keep a clear focus on your goals, and you must make sure that you are always working at increasing your knowledge through focused study and practice.

So how can you better prepare for your window’s certification exam? The first thing you need to know is that it will not be as simple as taking some test and sitting back and expecting to get a grade. The exam is a measurement of your understanding, so expect to go through quite a few different books and tutorials before you end up where you want to be. Spend the time studying, reading online reviews and asking questions of fellow experts. Only then will you be able to truly learn everything about Microsoft products and solutions.

Another secret is that the test is not written in stone. There will always be revisions to the exam, and these revisions will be based upon your learning as well as the experiences of others. When I took my Comptia windows certification exam I didn’t know anything about Windows environments, so I studied hard and worked hard to learn everything I could about the subject. The more I learned, the more comfortable I became with the subject and the more comfortable I got with answering questions.

Another good trick to remember is that your understanding of Microsoft products and services does not have to be the same as others’. This is especially true when it comes to information regarding how to properly use the Windows operating system. Some people will find it extremely easy to work with the registry and other Windows features, while others may find that their skills and understanding of them require more focus. In addition, while you may find it easy to work with some of the Microsoft technologies, such as ActiveX controls, you may find that another technology is more suitable to their needs. This is why the windows certification exam is so incredibly diverse, allowing people from all over the world to sit for the examination.

The real secret to passing the Comptia windows certification exam is preparation. I suggest looking into various books, articles, and blogs by computer experts. They are more than likely going to have valuable information regarding the various topics that you will encounter when reviewing for the Comptia test.

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