What to Expect on the Comptia A+ Exam

So you are taking the Comptia a+ examination and now you have to expect some possible problems. Expect plenty of technical terminology, challenging questions, and at times very long answers that have you scratching your head the whole time. Although the a+ examination is notoriously difficult, there are ways you can prepare yourself so that you’re not as stressed out when it comes time to study for it. Here are a few things to expect on the exam.

You will get a lot of questions on the actual exam. There are approximately two thousand questions on the exam. You can expect to spend about an hour on the exam and still get through most of it with a good amount of time. If you’re serious about passing the exam then you need to practice extensively before taking the real thing.

Some people try and cram as much as they can while others leave the test up to the last minute and hope to do well. In my experience, cramming rarely works. It usually turns out that you were tired and had no idea what to do the last minute. On the other hand, leaving the test up to the last minute usually means you leave the material out of your study time and don’t pay enough attention during the review period. This is not going to help you when you have to take the actual test.

The test consists of five multiple choice questions and fifteen essay questions. You can expect the multiple-choice portion to be quite tough. To prepare for this portion of the exam, you need to spend a significant amount of time studying for the questions that you know the correct answers to.

One of the worst ways to prepare for this exam is to spend a lot of time asking friends and family questions about a+ topics. While it is always a good idea to have someone at home to answer your test questions, this really isn’t going to give you enough time to prepare. It really is better to spend some time with your computer at home doing your research. That way, when you sit down to take the exam, you already have the information you need to pass. Of course, you want to make sure you do enough research so you won’t waste your time and money by making silly mistakes on the test.

When I took my Comptia a+ exam, I did my homework before I sat down to study. I bought a book about testing. I also downloaded several practice tests and sat down to really study them. I found that I could really learn from these tests because they allowed me to really focus on the topics that I was going to have to test. They also gave me a feel for each section.

One thing that will really help is if you can go into the testing facility early. This will save you a lot of time trying to figure out what to do if there are problems. Try to find a testing facility that has an actual an assistant that can be there for you to help you. Most people get nervous and tense when they have to take a test that is hard. With an actual assistant sitting down with you it will help you relax.

Another key element to winning the a+ exam is your timing. You want to try to determine how long it will take for the questions to fall in your lap. If you can predict how long something will take, you will be able to time your moves and have time to answer the questions quickly. When you’re trying to pass the a+ exam, timing is everything. Make sure you spend a lot of time doing your studying and practicing.

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