Tips For Finding Comptia Certification Combinations

To date, Comptia has issued more than twenty Comptia Certification combinations. Each combination is aimed at proving a candidate’s specific knowledge area within a particular technology sector. The most common of these is the CCNA certification combination which covers networking basics. This combination is considered the foundation for a successful Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification.

Other popular combinations include the CCNP-SP certification which requires a candidate to successfully complete hands-on lab practice on a Siemens router or workstation. The main advantage to these Comptia certification exams is that they are the first step towards obtaining the much-needed Cisco certification. They are also a good option for a CCNA trainee who needs to learn the basics of a networking technology before moving on to other technologies.

The amount of time it takes to earn a Comptia certification varies from one person to another. Some people can finish the process in six months, while others may take as long as nine months. In terms of practical training, the time taken to pass the exam will greatly depend on the student. It all depends on how fast one can assimilate the information. If a student is fastidious and has enough time to study, he could finish the exam in two years time.

There are many providers of Comptia certification combinations. They are mainly IT companies who specialize in offering Comptia certification training. Some well-known providers of Comptia certification combinations are Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Northeastern University, NEC, Glavec, Adtran, Ecteon, IBM, Cisco and Quark. Certifications from these companies are considered among the best. The reason why some of these companies offer such Comptia certification products is because they have dedicated training staff who offer quality training. The combination of theory and practice tools make this training sessions truly valuable and incomparable to other courses.

When choosing a Comptia certification training provider, the best thing to do is to ask for recommendations from people you know or do your own research. A person’s personal experience with a particular provider should be taken into consideration. What kind of teaching methods did the person find effective?

It would also be a good idea to visit a few websites and compare the prices offered by different vendors. Different vendors have different prices. This is why comparing the price is important. Once a person finds a good package with a good value, he could already save a lot of money because he won’t have to take care of any additional costs for purchasing the software or having the combination tested.

Once a person has made up his mind about which combination to purchase, he must still determine what type of certification to attain. There are so many types of Comptia certifications. The most common ones are Certified IT Managers, Certified Information Technology Specialist (CITS) and Certified System Security Consultant (CSSS). For a specific combination of certification to be considered valid, it needs to be supported by a good amount of educational background or work experience. In other words, Comptia certification requires practical exams that must be taken under the supervision of an experienced professional who has thorough knowledge in the field that the exam is related to.

To this end, some of the most popular Comptia certification combinations available are: MCSE, MCSA, MCAD, CompTIA A+, Cisco Webisco, CCNA, CCNP, MCSA+ and CCNA-VSI. These combination exams are tested after traditional exams. After all, a person cannot achieve a higher level of certification by taking Comptia’s classic exams. With these choices, a person will surely find the right course to help him pass the exams. Good luck!

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