The 6 Parts of the Comptia Certification Exam Format Exposed

CompTIA A+ certification exam are the most awaited examination in the IT industry today. With millions of people engaged in the IT industry, it is expected that there would be a large pool of potential applicants for the examination. The exam, however, is a very complicated one. As such, there are many applicants competing for just a few spots in the examination hall. In order for one to gain entrance into the examination hall, one should be familiar with the basic Comptia exam format.

The basic format of the exams can be understood by recognizing a few important features of them. First, the exams have a set of multiple-choice questions. The format forces applicants to think in response to the questions. Therefore, by answering the questions sequentially, an individual can gain insight as to how a specific area of knowledge can be applied to real-world IT problems.

As such, it is very useful for the aspiring IT professional to undertake practice tests from previous years, so as to identify areas where new knowledge gaps might be found and work on those areas. By undertaking a few practice tests, the student will have a better understanding as to what kinds of questions might be asked on the actual exam day. In addition, the examiners from Microsoft, Cisco, and other major companies are more likely to ask questions based on actual needs rather than vague pre-determined topics. By taking a few practice tests before the actual certification exam, you gain invaluable experience which you may use on the actual day of the exam.

Once a candidate has decided to undertake the exam, they should familiarize themselves with the exam structure and study tips for the different sections. It is highly recommended that candidates familiarize themselves with the exam structure and tools, which make answering the exam much easier for them. By doing so, they can spend their time on the section that they feel most comfortable with. Familiarizing oneself with the exam format will also take pressure off when the time for the actual examination arrives.

After preparing for the certification exam, preparation can begin in many ways. Candidates should look for resources that they can use to revise for the exam. There are plenty of free resources available online, which could help with this. It is recommended that candidates start with practice exams as a way of building confidence and getting a feel for the types of questions that will be asked. Doing this can also help to eliminate any anxiety that may be felt with the prospect of sitting for the actual certification exam.

Candidates should also make sure that they are well prepared by taking practice tests and following a detailed explanation of every question included on the exam. Practice questions can be found online and can give students a feel for how the exam works. A detailed explanation of every question includes all information necessary to answer the question and gives the student a thorough idea about what to expect when they are asked to perform specific tasks. Candidates can also find information about the sample questions that have been used for past exams.

In a previous article we provided an explanation of why it is important to be familiar with the entire Comptia exam format prior to sitting for the exam. This is an important topic and one that candidates should study very deeply. Knowing the format will greatly increase a candidate’s chances of success when they take the exam. In this article we continue with information about why practice tests are a good idea before even stepping foot into a testing room. The following graphic shows the differences between the first-time test and a re-take study guide.

The six topics covered in this article are critical to answering any of the six exams required to become a Certified Professional Engineer (CPE) in the United States. The exam is administered twice per year and offers a competitive exam schedule. Completing this six-stage process will ensure your successful completion of all six certification exams and will earn you an excellent reputation as an engineer.

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