Reviewing Cisco CCNA Practice Tests

Can you get prepared for the Cisco Network+ Practice Tests in a week? The answer is a clear “No”. Cisco Certification requires months or even years of diligent study and testing. You need to build up your skills, practice what you have learned and get to the point where you are really comfortable with it. I know many people who have passed their CCNA Exam but who feel they could have done better, or who feel they did not get as much mileage as others in the Cisco Certified networking community.

I’m one of those people. I took my first CCNA Exam four years ago, before I started working. My wife was pregnant at the time and I wanted to get some additional computer experience, so I began taking practice and preparing for my Cisco Network+ exam. Over the four years that have passed, I have taken four more Cisco exams and feel much more comfortable with the technology and its applications than I ever did before.

There are a number of resources you can use to prepare for your exam. I would recommend taking advantage of all of them. If you want to take a course online, be sure you get the latest version of CCNA Tools and the CCNA Routing & Switching Guide. If you want to take a book, make sure you get the latest edition of Learning Linux, or the newest versions of Cisco’s CCNA Tools, CCDA Wireless Tools, CCNA Tools-Based Training and CCNA Tools.

When I began studying for my CCNA Exam, I used a variety of review materials. I purchased the CCNA Tools book, Review Webinars and Practice Test Questions. I also downloaded several study guides from Amazon, including the Comptia Industry Preview. I downloaded five different eBooks on the same topics and read them cover to cover. I spent a couple of hours a day reviewing these books and watching any videos I could find on the internet while I continued my studies.

Once I had finished studying for the CCNA Exam, I had three months to prepare. During this time, I made a few extra practice Cisco tools to use while I did my studying. The three months period was enough to give me enough time to do all the necessary research and preparation I needed to pass the final exam. I still made use of my CCNA review webinars to keep myself updated on the things I had forgotten as I worked on my study and testing materials.

Since I took my Cisco Network+ practice tests on a daily basis, I was able to make small progress each day as I worked on my skills. Because I was able to identify problems and set work-arounds in my study and practice sessions, I was able to make small improvements in my skills every day. After I passed the final exam, I was very happy to be one of the people who had completed the Cisco Network+ certification test. Now I’m certified and working in the field of information technology.

To this day, I still use the same Cisco tutorials that I used to learn the concepts and skills required for passing the CCNA Exam. I review these topics in about five days. My goal is to pass all the exams on the list within three years. I am well on my way. I review the Cisco tutorials daily and spend an hour or so a day practicing what I have read in my review notes.

Even though I have been taking network+ practice tests for almost a decade, I continue to make improvements to my skills. I still take the exams when they come up. I also keep a journal of my progress in order to keep track of where I am improving and which areas I am still struggling with. If you are ready to take the Cisco Network+ examination, consider doing your research online as well as reviewing your study materials for the CCNA Exam.

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