Finding Your Comptia Certification Tree

The CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) certifications defines a CompTIA Certification. In the field of CompTIA, there is one main organization which is CompTIA Network+, a not for profit organization that brings together both hardware and software manufacturers. This is a great way to understand the industry better as it helps you learn from someone who has already done it and is willing to share their experience with newbies in the field. To get certified, you will need to pass several CompTIA A+ exams. The exams test your technical knowledge, network and security knowledge, and even some troubleshooting skills. If you do it right, you get a CompTIA certifications very easily.

Now, after having the necessary experience to do it, comes the second part. How to get certified by the said certification tree? Well, it is pretty easy if you know what you are doing. There are three different trees that you need to be familiar with before you can become certified by it: Professional, Service, and Community.

Once you have already passed the required exams, you can now register with the organizations that offer the exam. You will find that these exams are offered in different times of the year. If you are just starting out, I suggest that you get certified by the end of the second semester in high school or the first semester in college. This will help you in finding an exam that you can take with no prior knowledge and confidence. Of course, once you have passed the exam, you will automatically get certified by the organization.

Once you have registered with the institution offering the exam, you can already start preparation for the exam. As you prepare, remember that you have to know everything about the hardware and the applications that you are going to write on the exam. Without adequate experience, it is pretty easy to fail this certification test. So, I strongly suggest that you get as much Comptia experience as possible. Ask your teachers, friends, family, or other workers on how much experience they have in using the Comptia technology.

In addition to that, you have to read all the books that you can get your hands on about the study guides and manuals. The more you read, the more prepared you will be when you appear on the actual certification exam. Remember that knowledge is power. With that in mind, I highly recommend that you get yourself a Comptia certification CD. It will give you a head start in learning.

The second thing that you have to do is find a good Comptia training center. Just like the exams, there are study materials that are available in the market today. The question papers and the practice tests are just among the things that you can find in the market. In choosing the training center, make sure that you will get to know the things that you have to study.

Lastly, when you have completed all these, you can finally graduate and get your Comptia certification. Make sure that you will do the practices in a regular basis. Doing so will help you refresh your memory about the topics that you have studied, allowing you to pass the certification exam the first time around.

I personally managed to pass my certification in only 9 months. Now, I am sharing with you my experience in achieving this goal. You too can achieve it too! Find the solution to your computer and mobile problems. Get rid of those registry errors and other system problems. You won’t believe it!

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