CompTIA A+ Certification

For those who are already an a+ certified and also Malaysian, they can take the CompTIA A+ Certification Test which are offering online. In Malaysia, this is the second most popular IT certification after the CCNA. It is not necessary to have a CCNA or other certifications to become certified by CompTIA. The exam is designed to test your computer knowledge and gives you an idea of your knowledge in the IT field.

This certification can be useful for many reasons like checking on the competence of an employee, for companies to hire new employees and for a career change. Once you have finished with your study, you can take the CompTIA A+ certification test and get a credential. This credential is recognized by most employers and can open doors for better paying jobs and more opportunities. For students, this can further enhance their studies and career prospects.

For Malaysia, only one examination is recognized by the Ministry of Education (FE) and all other examinations are not recognized. In spite of that, there are several options for taking the CompTIA A+ certification. Most people here take up preparation courses to prepare for the exams. There are several colleges offering such training but it is advisable to read a lot before selecting one. This is because there are some colleges that do not have the right qualification and experience in preparing for the CompTIA tests. Hence, the only way to ensure you have a quality course is by reading reviews on different websites.

There are many options for taking the CompTIA A+ certification. One of these is the MCSE or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer examination. The MCSE test will help you in creating custom software solutions for Windows operating systems. Once you pass this examination, you are given a MCSE sticker which is a proof that you are competent in software designing. Some well-known organizations such as IBM, Cisco and Microsoft offer this exam through centers or authorized testing centers.

The next option for getting the certification is by taking up CompTIA A+, or the Application Performance Testing certification. To begin with, this is the basic certification level. To qualify for this certification, you should have a minimum of 200 hours of actual experience in the field of computer hardware and software. You need to work for a few years with a renowned company to take up the A+ certification. In Malaysia, Qualisafe offers this examination. It has a nominal fee of $ACA 10.

As the name implies, this certification is for people who already possess Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification or higher. This exam is offered by Cisco University. If you wish to take up the CompTIA A+ test, you can go to their website and get the registration form. When you have filled up the registration form, you can now access the test page and do your preparations for the exam. The fees are also provided on the website.

Another option to study for the CompTIA A+ certification is to take the practice test online. You will be able to access the practice tests from the official website of CompTIA. Before doing so, however, you must make sure that you are in good condition as the test requires you to answer a lot of questions. By studying for the certification test online, you will be able to study before the test and refresh your memory on all the subjects that were discussed in class.

The next option to study for the a+ certification is to take an actual class. You can find several classes in Malaysian Internet University. There are also several colleges and universities that offer these certifications. You must contact the institutions or the colleges that offer these + certification programs to confirm the dates of the courses, the fees and the method of study. Once you have taken up any course, you will receive a certificate in your mail box.

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