Choosing the Right CCNA Certification Path

The most popular IT Certification Pathways today has three paths which include Certified Practical Maniler or CPL, Certified Application Specialist or ACS and Certified System Administrator or CSA. All these paths have their own benefits and rewards. However, for the learners and aspirants of these certifications, one should consider about which certification path they should choose for their study.

If you want to spend your whole career in a single IT field and for this you want to choose only one of these three certification paths, you should choose CPL first. For those who are in a business field and wish to penetrate into the higher levels of management positions then you should choose CSA. You can also opt for a course for two years to become a certified System Administrator in two years time. This path will help you gain the necessary skills in configuration management, virtual memory management, file system administration, computer network security and much more.

With the different paths offered by the IT Certification Pathway, students should do some analysis before choosing any one of them. They should choose a course that suits their career goal. They should choose the certification path that fits their study schedule. They should choose a course according to their current skill set. They should also decide how much time they are willing to invest for their studies. Those students who want to take Comptia A+ certification exam should also do a survey before deciding on any one of the above mentioned certifications.

Taking certification path associated with CCNA is the best for the fresher in the industry as these professionals get the initial theoretical foundation in the CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate before getting started with their real life experience. Getting knowledge from CCNA base is an essential step for the aspiring professional in CCNA as it enables them to understand the conceptual part of the CCNA exam. Thus, spending the time in understanding every concept in CCNA will enable the students to pass the CCNA exam easily.

Once the student has understood the theoretical part of the CCNA exam and want to move ahead in their profession, they can go for CCNA or CCDA certifications. Choosing any other option will leave them at a disadvantage when it comes to the future job search. It is important to consider the current job market and the outlook of that company before choosing any other option. It is also important to consider the cost involved with certification path before choosing any other option. While choosing any of the above mentioned certifications, one must make sure that the company offering the certification is experienced.

The major advantage of choosing any of the above mentioned certifications is that it will provide you with the required practical experience to get into the IT industry. If you are planning to be a networking engineer then opting for CCNA will help you a lot. However, choosing any other option will not leave you as an IT professional having the necessary practical experience to get into networking. So you must be extremely careful while choosing the right certification path. Your career needs to be closely related to your aptitude.

The most important factor which should be kept in mind while choosing any of the above-mentioned certification paths is the amount of time that is required to get a certification. Each and every IT professional needs to spend a certain amount of time to get a certification. If you are planning to take up CCNA then it will take about 6 months to a year to complete the course. On the other hand, if you are planning to become a successful VPN Engineer then it will take about 2 years to finish the entire course.

Thus, it can be concluded that CCNA is an important certification path to pursue if you are looking to work as a network engineer. You can use it to start a career in VPN infrastructure. It is important to note that a CCNA qualification is not the only requirement to work as a VPN professional. A thorough knowledge of networking protocols and firewall security is an additional requirement. You can further learn these things by attending some of the online Cisco training courses.

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